Go For Outdoor Adventure Treks & Soothe Your Soul

Why do we crave the outdoors? What drives us to feel the sun on our face and the rocks under our feet? Is it to be free from the day to day routine? Is it because we need a break, or what people call a “reboot” from technology?


Not that long ago technology, as we know it now, didn’t exist. I remember when my husband suggested I get a cell phone. I was appalled! “Why?” I asked him. No one needs to get me that bad, and if they ever do they can leave a message. Remember that? We would come home after a long day and see the red blinking light on our answering machine? Press “play” and random voices would fill the room with messages we missed. Now it’s a funny electronic beep that commands immediate attention. I find time spent outdoors, say, the Gokyo lake trekking helping me to go back to those days when I wasn’t tethered to a phone.

We all spend too much time on computers and indoors under fluorescent lights or texting and watching TV (often texting while watching TV). Hiking such as the Everest base camp tours encourages you to step away from your desk, get off the couch and step back into nature. It’s a chance to experience the world directly and without a filter. Don’t get me wrong, I love a day of Netflix, but a day outdoors fills my soul!


Hiking puts nature into perspective. Up mountains, over hills, along plains, or through forests like experienced during Everest adventure treks, hiking is a great opportunity to get in touch with nature. It’s an amazing reminder of how small we are and how beautiful (and vast) the world is. Hiking opens your senses. Once you are hiking for a bit your mind starts to forget about your “to do list”. You begin to take notice of your surroundings; you suddenly feel the breeze on your face as you listen to the birds. It almost becomes meditative.

Walking meditation is a common Buddhist practice wherein the goal is simply to be present with every step we take. While the traditional seated forms of meditation aren’t for everyone, a long hike helps still the mind that is constantly thinking. Hiking, while being a part of the adventure trek in Nepal, can be one of the best gifts you give yourself.


Hiking is healthy not only for your mind and spirit but also your body. It strengthens the large muscles in your body, while stimulating the feel-good chemical hormones of adrenaline and endorphins that boost your mood and energy levels.

What are a few reasons hiking is good for the entire body? Cardio. Going up and down the hills gets the heart pumping and creates a great cardio workout. Hiking is also a weight-bearing exercise, which builds muscle mass and helps prevent osteoporosis. It helps you manage your weight, AND it’s way more enjoyable than a treadmill!


Hiking for many has amazing psychological benefits, often contributing to a feeling of relaxation and enhanced well-being. Being outdoors as a part of the adventure travel in Nepal gives you space, physical space of course, but more importantly, the emotional and mental distance needed to momentarily set aside the pressure of balancing work, relationships and friendships. I’ve come to many realizations about myself and my life whilst wandering!


Grab your boots. Turn off the phone and let’s go! Select one of our upcoming treks and get ready to reboot.

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." – John Muir